So what did Greeley Mayor Ed Clark's fake Obama dollar look like?

You know the greatest thing about Greeley mayor Ed Clark? He really knows how to relate to the young people of America. Like in June, Clark spotted a fifteen-year-old boy riding his motorbike down a neighborhood street, and somehow the former cop just knew that what the boy really wanted was to be violently yanked to the ground. The boy was so happy he filed an emergency restraining order against Clark. Thanks, Mr. Mayor!

And just last week, Clark was working his day job as head of security for a Greeley charter school and perceived that a young female student's request to borrow a dollar was, in fact, a veiled plea to be shown some literature maligning our country's president-elect.

According to the Greeley Tribune, Clark handed the student "a fake $3 bill depicting President-elect Barack Obama wearing a Middle Eastern headdress." The student showed the fake currency to fellow classmates before it was eventually taken back by Clark. The student later told her parents, who complained to the school. Clark has apologized for the "satirical" dollar bill, and the school considers the case closed.


Except for one thing: What exactly did the goddamn bill look like? We took it upon ourselves to do some investigative digging (a Google search) and came up with some examples below. -- Jared Jacang Maher

Clark says he disposed of the offending $3 bill, but the most infamous faux-Bama dollar is the one produced by this political novelty website. The bill features Obama with an Arab keffiyeh photoshopped on his head. In case the Muslim/terrorist reference isn't clear enough, there is also a camel stamped next to his face. Subtle!



The website also sells an "Obama 3 The bills are sold in pads of 25. If you buy 150 pads, they get sent to you in a free briefcase! Maybe Clark can use the fake cash to run his re-election campaign. He's going to need it, considering the Greeley's changing electorate of Latinos and Somali Muslims who have flooded into the area in recent years.


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