Sperm donor No. 1 wins Single Infertile Female's baby-making sweepstakes

Last week, we told you about self-declared Single Infertile Female Leah, who encouraged members of her online community (powered by Boulder's BlogFrog.com) to help her decide which of three potential sperm donors she should use for in-vitro fertilization.

Well, she announced her pick on Mother's Day, appropriately enough, and in a post entitled "The Sperm I Choose," she identifies the winner as Donor No. 1, the finalist with the most expensive swimmers: A vial of his man juice cost $645. But clearly, Leah feels that spending a little more will be worth it.

"The donor I chose did not get the most votes on the community," she concedes in her essay, "but he was close and he had the least amount of haters. There really was just very little bad that could be said about him."

Just as important, he "had an almost unanimous vote from those friends and family who are close to me. All the people who really know me chose the same person, except for my sister in law, who chose the donor who reminded me the most of my brother from the very beginning. I had to kind of laugh at her pick, especially when she was the only one who deviated from the choices of everyone else I know!"

Since Leah asked her online friends to weigh in, it's only natural that she's created a forum for those who want to debate her decision. At this writing, the responses have been mostly positive and entirely supportive, with examples of good humor abounding. Writes one community member: "About damn time!!!"

Good luck, Leah.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.