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Ten Most Popular Boy and Girl Baby Names in Colorado

So...you're having a baby and you don't want him or her to have the same name as a slew of other kids in school? The folks at (of all places) the Social Security Administration are here to help. The agency has compiled a list of the most popular baby names as of 2013 (the closest year for which data is available), with breakdowns from all fifty states.

Among the oddities in Colorado: Seven of the top ten girls' names start with vowels — and two of the others are minor variations on the same one.

Count down the photo-illustrated top ten for both boys and girls below.
Number 10:
Boy: Mason
Number in 2013: 619
Girl: Amelia
Number in 2013: 399

Number 9:
Boy: Daniel
Number in 2013: 625
Girl: Abigail
Number in 2013: 451

Number 8:
Boy: Jayden
Number in 2013: 632
Girl: Sofia
Number in 2013: 453

Number 7:
Boy: Benjamin 632
Number in 2013: 632
Girl: Mia
Number in 2013: 549

Number 6:
Boy: William
Number in 2013: 667
Girl: Ava
Number in 2013: 552

Number 5:
Boy: Michael
Number in 2013: 695
Girl: Emily
Number in 2013: 558

Number 4:
Boy: Liam
Number in 2013: 722
Girl: Isabella
Number in 2013: 671

Number 3:
Boy: Jacob
Number in 2013: 728
Girl: Emma
Number in 2013: 786

Number 2:
Boy: Alexander
Number in 2013: 728
Girl: Sophia
Number in 2013: 851

Number 1:
Boy: Noah
Number in 2013: 757
Girl: Olivia
Number in 2013: 881

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.