Ten weirdest Denver Broncos cheerleaders photos

The Internet is filled with forgotten pages -- cyberspace cul de sacs filled with oddball content. Take It was folded in to several years ago, but content from 2004 to 2008 continues to linger, including lotsa quirky pics of Denver Broncos cheerleaders. In honor of this weekend's Super Bowl, we grabbed screen captures of the weirdest offerings. Check them out below. This flashback photo of the week posted in 2007 features the Pony Express with a certain large rodent circa the Super Bowl season of 1977. That's one year the Broncos weren't Mickey Mousing around. By the way, the Pony Express stopped delivering in the late '70s, and the current incarnation of the Broncos cheerleaders didn't launch until 1993, leaving a decade plus without pompoms. Oh, the humanity! This shot is from a CBS4 feature on a cheerleaders calendar shoot. The model on the left is posed so awkwardly that she probably needed chiropractic care as soon as the camera was clicked -- and Freudian psychiatrists might have a thing or two to say about the setting. This 2006 image captures cheerleading fave Renee Herlocker promoting her video Cardio Cheer, not to mention a thousand male fantasies about candy stripers. Here's a different kind of male fantasy -- an image from a 2005 CBS4 feature about Broncos cheerleaders visiting troops in Afghanistan. No, those aren't standard-issue uniforms. Wish these two shots from a Stars and Stripes feature on the 2005 Afghanistan visit were larger -- because their strangeness would be even more vivid. Get the details in the captions. Page down for more weirdness.
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