States Surrounding Colorado Are Still COVID-19 Sh*t Shows

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Despite Governor Jared Polis's recent decision to rescind all emergency orders related to the fight against COVID-19, statistics for this state aren't all upbeat — and they're worse for many of the states surrounding Colorado.

According to new figures from the Mayo Clinic, the average number of daily COVID-19 cases in several of Colorado's neighboring states and others in the region are among the highest in the United States right now. And some of the nearby state positivity rates tracked by Becker's Hospital Review are even lousier.

The Mayo Clinic's COVID-19 cases map is color-coded, with red and dark red marking states with case rates of ten or more per 100,000 residents. Of the seven states in this category as of July 14, two of them, Wyoming and Utah, border Colorado, and a third, Nevada, abuts Utah. Moreover, three of the other four — Missouri, Arkansas and Louisiana — are all on this side of the Mississippi.

The clinic map showing overall cases uses a purple color scheme and displays the five states with the highest case counts in the darkest variation on that hue. Two of those five are Colorado border states: Utah and Arizona.

Regarding positivity rates, health experts consider anything over 5 percent to be a warning sign, since it indicates that not enough testing is being done to properly control the disease. The July 14 figures reveal that the two states with the highest positivity rates currently are Oklahoma and Kansas, direct neighbors of Colorado, with astronomical rates of 26.2 percent and 23.8 percent, respectively. Moreover, the positivity rates in Wyoming and Utah are more than double the 5 percent threshold. Of the states that border Colorado, only New Mexico and Nebraska are under 5 percent.

Keep reading to see the average daily case counts and positivity rates for Colorado and a dozen other states west of the Mississippi River, followed by total case numbers, supplemented with mapping for July 14.

Average daily cases and positivity rates per 100,000 people

Average daily cases: 73
Cases per 100,000 people: 11
Positivity rate: 11 percent

Average daily cases: 432
Cases per 100,000 people: 7
Positivity rate: 3.6 percent

Average daily cases: 421
Cases per 100,000 people: 13
Positivity rate: 11.5 percent

Average daily cases: 512
Cases per 100,000 people: 18
Positivity rate: 10.3 percent

Average daily cases: 646
Cases per 100,000 people: 9
Positivity rate: 5.5 percent

New Mexico
Average daily cases: 99
Cases per 100,000 people: 3
Positivity rate: 2.2 percent

Average daily cases: 1,754
Cases per 100,000 people: 6
Positivity rate: 5.8 percent

Average daily cases: 378
Cases per 100,000 people: 9
Positivity rate: 26.2 percent

Average daily cases: 346
Cases per 100,000 people: 10
Positivity rate: 23.8 percent

Average daily cases: 156
Cases per 100,000 people: 3
Positivity rate: 1.1 percent

Average daily cases: 1,628
Cases per 100,000 people: 27
Positivity rate: 16.6 percent

Average daily cases: 770
Cases per 100,000 people: 26
Positivity rate: 10.7 percent

Average daily cases: 765
Cases per 100,000 people: 17
Positivity rate: 8.5 percent

Total cases per 100,000 people

Total cases: 62,980
Cases per 100,000 people: 10,824

Total cases: 562,483
Cases per 100,000 people: 10,169

Total cases: 418,180
Cases per 100,000 people: 13,732

Total cases: 339,190
Cases per 100,000 people: 11,605

Total cases: 901,488
Cases per 100,000 people: 12,977

New Mexico
Total cases: 202,089
Cases per 100,000 people: 9,658

Total cases: 3,010,611
Cases per 100,000 people: 10,796

Total cases: 461,091
Cases per 100,000 people: 11,768

Total cases: 322,505
Cases per 100,000 people: 11,087

Total cases: 228,545
Cases per 100,000 people: 11,999

Total cases: 631,172
Cases per 100,000 people: 10,364

Total cases: 355,757
Cases per 100,000 people: 11,829

Total cases: 488,702
Cases per 100,000 people: 10,449

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.


Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.