The death of CU's Silver & Gold Record

No shock that the Silver & Gold Record, CU's faculty newspaper, was allowed to die this week. But the closeness of the regents' vote (5-4) is fairly surprising given the university's financial condition -- a situation so dire that the same officials just approved a hefty 3.9 percent tuition increase for Boulder undergrads.

CU's student newspaper, now known as CUIndependent.com, went online due largely to rising costs several years ago. But given that the Record was primarily a vehicle to promote CU, staffers who like seeing their names connected to positive stories had an incentive to keep it alive, whether doing so made fiscal sense or not. It's unfortunate that the publication will be going away, and that so many folks who put it together will be losing their jobs. But in this economic climate, giving it a stay of execution wouldn't have made those moms and dads about to write even bigger checks to CU very happy...

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