Page one of the November 6 Denver Post.

The Denver dailies: no post-election shrinkage yet

In "Bob Schaffer's Election Hopes are in the Bag," a November 4 blog, I noted Rocky Mountain News editor/publisher/president John Temple's pledge that the tabloid's day-after-the-election paper would be its largest ever -- and indeed, the offerings that morning from the Rocky and the Denver Post were hefty, substantive and satisfying, as I acknowledged in "The Pros and Cons of the Denver Dailies' Post-Election Editions," published yesterday. However, I also mentioned that the size of Thursdays' papers would be much more telling.

Well, today's Post and Rocky are also generous; they feature page after page of worthy content that fills in the gaps from Wednesday's election coverage and adds nuance, detail and anecdote. So does that mean the economic situation for newspapers isn't as dire as previously thought? Judging by the current Westword, whose printed version has roughly the same page count as issues did when I started working here in 1990, I think not. But it's nice to pretend, for one more day, at least, that newspapering as a business isn't as sickly as most industry observers suspect. -- Michael Roberts

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