The latest impossible-to-believe theory about the Jay Cutler situation

The conflict between Broncos quarterback (for the moment) Jay Cutler and new coach Josh McDaniels seems so stupid on the surface that there's got to be a motivating factor more sensible beneath it, right? That's a possibility entertained by Brian Billick, a former NFL head coach turned ESPN talking head. Billick has espoused the theory that Cutler's fit-throwing may be part of an elaborate scheme to renegotiate his contract early. Hence, presumably, his behavior of late represents a well-calibrated strategy to convince the Broncos to break the bank in order to keep him.

Really? That's the best we can do? The only thing well-calibrated about this situation is the way it's gotten Broncos loyalists like yours truly to obsess about the team months before training camp opens -- and even longer before the first meaningful game. If that was the plan, then kudos, Broncos brass. Because I, and thousands of other fans, have fallen into your trap.

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