The Rocky's Betsy Lehndorff Gives Her Husband's Hospital Service An F

At the bottom of a July 12 memo to journos at the Rocky Mountain News, managing editor Deb Goeken slipped in an amusing item about restaurant reviewer John Lehndorff, who's out of commission right now due to an injury to his elbow -- something he needs to lean on while waiting for waiters to bring him a menu. Based on the tongue-in-cheek note, it's clear that Betsy Lehndorff, John's wife and fellow Rocky staffer, has critical skills every bit as sharp as her beloved's.

The key passage reads: "Dining critic John Lehndorff is recovering from elbow surgery Littleton Adventist Hospital. He fell June 22 while in Telluride and was operated on Monday for a ruptured tendon. His arm is in a splint and he will not be able to get around for at least three weeks. Wife Betsy reports that John is handling everything with his typical sense of humor, and rates the food a B-. The service, however, has been a definite F. The hospital staff kind of forgot about him there for a while..."

By the way, well-wishers, and those eager to give the hospital's servers a piece of their righteous indignation, should know that Lehndorff can no longer be reached at Littleton Adventist; as of the afternoon of the 12th, he was either about to be transferred to an unnamed rehabilitation facility, or already in his new digs. Where, with luck, staffers will be a little more on their toes. -- Michael Roberts

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