Third grader's pro-gay-marriage message travels the globe

Ethan, a third-grader at Montclair School of Academics and Enrichment in west Denver, had an idea: He wanted to put on a rally in favor of gay marriage at Colorado's state capitol. That original notion, covered by Melanie Asmar in the May 15 blog "Baseball, Soccer, Gay Marriage Rally: One Denver Nine-Year-Old's Saturday Schedule," came to fruition this past weekend, when more than a hundred people showed up to support his cause. And since then, plenty of other news agencies have picked up the story, including Advocate.com, Edge Boston and even Pink News, which describes itself as "Europe's largest gay news service." Ethan hasn't managed to change the world yet, but he's made a start -- and that's pretty damn good for a kid who hasn't hit double digits yet.

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