Thomas White, Wannabe Rapper, Busted for Big Pimpin' -- of an Underage Teen

According to an arrest affidavit on view below, Thomas White considered himself to be a rapper. But instead of making rap his career, he will soon start serving one for, among other things, prostituting an underage teen. And if things break a certain way, his sentence could be nearly half-a-century in length. Photos, police documents and details below.

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On July 15, 2012, according to an arrest affidavit on view below, a police officer spotted a blue Nissan with a broken windshield at the Driftwood Motel, 1443 Oneida, and subsequently discovered that the ride had been reported stolen in Kansas City, Missouri.

Shortly thereafter, the Nissan was traced to Room 220, occupied by White and two women: Sarah Alvarado and an unnamed teen. The later claimed to be eighteen, although she was subsequently confirmed to be a year younger, seventeen.

White was taken into custody on suspicion of vehicle theft, while Alvarado allegedly had a controlled substance in her possession. The teen, meanwhile, was taken to Gilliam Youth Services Center, where she sat for an interview with investigators and laid out the story that led her to Denver.

The previous month, she said she'd met a pimp named "Fade" at a mall in Arizona. Fade referred to himself as an "inspirational leader" and when he heard that she'd been kicked out of her house after troubles with her mom, he offered to help -- by recruiting her to become a prostitute. But after he'd posted online ads identifying her as "Gigi" and put her to work, she revealed her actual age. "'Fade' told her he was paranoid to have someone underage working for him," the report maintains, "and told her to go back home and come back when she was older."

Instead, she arranged to stay at the home of a friend living in the Arizona community of Chandler, and a few days later, she was contacted by "Tommy," a homie of Fade's who'd seen the ad. (The advertisement appeared on, a site formerly associated with Westword's parent company. However, that relationship was severed several years ago.) He said they could make a lot of money together, the affidavit states -- and instead of balking when the teen told him her age, he allegedly put her on the street.

The initial base of operations for White and the teen was a Super 8 motel near Bell Road and Interstate 17 in Phoenix, the report maintains -- and after putting her through what he allegedly characterized as prostitute "boot camp," he decided she was ready for Denver.

Why change locations? The affidavit says White "was a rapper and wanted to come to Denver because he had a concert." But that wasn't the only draw. The teen said white had "heard that good money could be made prostituting on Colfax."

Before long, White, Alvarado and the teen had booked a room in the Driftwood and the two women were hooking on Colfax.

The teen is said to have done approximately four-to-five tricks that first night, charging between $40 and $50 for either a hand job or a blow job. However, the price was cheaper for three men who are said to have had sex with her in the motel room. She collected $30, $30 and $25, respectively, for her services, the report says.

By the way, White is quoted as claiming the Nissan that showed up as stolen and originally led police to investigate his activities actually belonged to his "baby's mama" -- and indeed, a Denver jury didn't convict him of car theft. However, guilty charges have now been leveled in regard to pimping of a child, pandering of a child, procurement of a child, keeping a place of child prostitution and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

These beefs could keep White behind bars even longer than usual owing to his criminal history: He's described as "a multi-state offender with a criminal history record in Kansas, Missouri and Colorado."

With that in mind, the Denver District Attorney's Office will be pursuing a habitual-offender designation for White during his next hearing, on January 5. If convicted of being a habitual criminal, the DA's office notes that he would receive a mandatory sentence of 48 years in prison.

Here's a larger look at White's booking photo, followed by the charges against him and the arrest affidavit.

Thomas White Charges and Affidavit.pdf

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