Tom Tancredo to start yakking on "Tea Party Radio"

The gin-soaked novelist who declared that there are no second acts in American lives never caught the many acts of Tom Tancredo -- former U.S. Representative, presidential hopeful, gubernatorial spoiler...and now late-night talk show host.

Starting Monday at 10 p.m., the Tom Tancredo Show will offer a nightly serving of Tancredo's pungent opinions on immigration, multiculturalism, the threat of radical Islam and whatever else is bugging the hell out of him these days.

The show will air on Citadel's KVOR (740 AM in Colorado Springs and online here), the conservative talk bastion that likes to bill itself as "Tea Party Radio." It's a logical, perhaps inevitable move for Tancredo, who's subbed or co-hosted many times for professional gum-flappers in the Clear Channel realm, including Mike Rosen and Peter Boyles.

A KVOR press blast promises, not entirely grammatically, that the show "will feature nightly well-known guests and will cover state and national politics from the perspective of having been directly involved in the daily actions of our Federal Government."

No word yet whether one of those well-known guests will be Gustavo Arellano, the "Ask a Mexican columnist," back for another verbal slugfest.

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