Tomye Kelley is suburban superhero Arvada Engenderall: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

Arvada Engenderall Real Name: Tomye Kelley; Occupation: Gender conflict counseler; Suburb of operation: Arvada; Hair: White; Eyes: Clear

Suburban superhero skill: Arvada Engenderall possesses the conventional understanding of "assigned sex" genders, as well as a mastery over the numerous characteristics that are identified elsewhere on the traditional gender continuum...

She is extremely long-lived, superhumanly compassionate, immune to giving bad fashion advice and resistant to social convention. Although considered spry, she rarely exercises any of her physical abilities except those that pertain to Allen Gregory novel scavenger hunts (more below).

Arvada Engenderall's superpower skills derive from two main sources: her capacity to manipulate ambient gender energy honed through practice, and her acquired knowledge of human psychology and sociology. Her decision to wield her magical energy in Arvada -- home of Joanne Conte, Colorado's first transgendered politician and talk-radio host -- makes her one of the region's most discreet counselors.

Her practice is limited to cross-dressers, the gender-conflicted and their significant others. She helps by providing private one-on-one psychotherapy and weekly support groups for those in or preparing for transition. Arvada Engenderall also maintains a private facility that provides a secure and confidential space to store clothing and makeup. Here, members may shower, shave and dress to go out, or they may remain in the comfortable building and read, watch TV or chat with friends before cleaning up to go home.

Arvada Engenderall is a big fan of the Allen Gregory mystery/thriller novels of author/psychologist Stephen White. Among her favorite off-hours activities is to escort her friends on "Allen Gregory Afternoon" excursions through Boulder and trace the fictional character's coming and goings through restaurants and bookstores mentioned in each novel.

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