Top ten songs that should be renamed after Barack Obama

The campaign by several Boulder High School students to rename their facility after President Barack Obama was dropped yesterday due to a lack of support, but not before inspiring our satirical blog "Ten More Things That Should Be Named After Barack Obama Other Than Boulder High School." Frankly, though, our attempt at comedy pales in comparison to the contributions of a commenter named George, who posted a roster of songs rechristened in Obama's honor that deserves a blog of its own -- this one. And so, without further ado, here's George's list:

10. "Baby Come Barack" -- Player 9. "Obama Told Me Not to Come" -- Three Dog Night 8. "You Dropped Obama on Me" -- Gap Band 7. "Sweet Home Al-Obama" -- Lynyrd Skynyrd 6. "Barack Off Boogaloo" -- Ringo Starr 5. "Barack on the Chain Gang" -- Pretenders 4. "Loves Me Like Barack" -- Paul Simon 3. "Barack in My Arms Again" -- Supremes 2. "Barack and a Hard Place" -- Rolling Stones

And (drumroll, please) the No. 1 Obama song:

1. "Baby Got Barack" -- Sir Mix-A-Lot

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