Video: Marty Coniglio's blown 9News forecast prompts Facebook hate, snowballs

How was your commute yesterday morning? Would you describe it as, say, a Biblical nightmare? A drive measured in hours rather than the usual minutes?

If so, you're not alone. The vast majority of people driving to work in the metro area were trapped in massive traffic jams due to an overnight blast most forecasters, including 9News' Marty Coniglio, didn't foresee. Which is why viewers lambasted Coniglio on Facebook, and his colleagues did likewise with snow. Details and video below.

Coniglio shrugged off the snow that was lightly following during the late Monday broadcast. Then, the next morning, the station posted this note on its Facebook page:

Light snow is falling in the Metro area but should end this morning. The fog should lift by 9:00 a.m. Highs will be cool in the upper 40's. Tomorrow we'll be in the low 60's and possibly low 70's by Thursday! Use the hashtag #9WX when talking on Twitter about the weather. Have a great Tuesday!

Perhaps the hashtag should have been #incrediblypissedoff instead, judging by the dozens of comments that accrued underneath this message. Here are some examples:

Last night at 10 p.m., Marty all but guaranteed this would be over by 1 a.m. Oops. Good prediction there....

"Bit of a surprise this morning in Denver" -- really? Ya think? I think I'd be better off turning off the weather report and just looking out my window.

Do you know how much meteorologist's make? You would think that they are pro sports players.... And even better, they're not that good.

You suck at weather, you should just quit!

Yeah right.... The other day, you said it was gonna be in the 60s today. I need a job where I can be wrong half the time and still get paid. Minor cold front, no big deal. Plus, your reporting pretty much sucks also.... 9News has gone to crap.

If a government did as bad as 9 weather, Channel 9 would do an investigation. But Channel 9 never admits they were wrong with the forecast....

The station did this time. In that afternoon's broadcast, anchors Kim Christiansen and Mark Koebrich teased a weather segment via a cilp featuring Coniglio being pelted with snowballs, after which he ate a murder's worth of crow -- which didn't make up for the morning's on-road mess, but probably made a few people feel better. Here's the segment:

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