Wake-Up Call: Late for the party

At 12:34 a.m. on May 9, an e-mail from Julie Postlethwait, PIO for the Colorado Department of Personnel Administration, arrived in the in-boxes of all state employees:

This past Wednesday, Governor Ritter took time out of the last week of a busy legislative session to acknowledge all you do for our State; he officially proclaimed the week of May 3-9, 2009 as Colorado Public Employee Appreciation Week. It is important that each of you know that your commitment to serving our citizens does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Even if that appreciation is a tad tardy: By the time this e-mail arrived, there was only one day left in Colorado Public Employee Appreciation Week. A Saturday.

"We kind of dropped the ball," admits Postlethwait. But at least her department visit different state offices, she notes, delivering appreciative boxes of fruit and candy.

And her e-mail was only slightly less tardy than Ritter's proclamation itself. He signed it on May 6 -- midway through Public Service Recognition Week.

Keep up the great, if belated, work, Colorado!

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