Wake up: You may have just been sexually assaulted by Timothy Layne Martinez

What's among the qualities Timothy Layne Martinez allegedly likes in women? Unconsciousness.

Martinez has been charged with nineteen counts of sexual assault against two women, with the incidents dating back to 2006. Why the delay? Jefferson County District Attorney's Office spokeswoman Pam Russell explains:

"Two victims came forward," Russell says. "Through the brother of Mr. Martinez, they had come across videos that are alleged to have photos of mainly one woman who'd been in an intimate relationship with Mr. Martinez at one time. But the videos show what we believe to be sexual assault. The victim is either asleep or unconscious or in some altered state."

Russell notes that this woman was "disturbed" by the videos, as well she should be, and contacted the Lakewood Police Department in December 2008. The LPD investigation progressed over a series of months, with charges against Martinez coming down in April.

Now, however, there's a new development. During the course of their investigation, LPD personnel came across photos of another sleeping woman. "She's absolutely not a suspect," Russell says. "But we believe she may have some information that might be valuable to the investigation."

Photos of this last woman appear below; she's urged to contact the Lakewood Police Department using the number contained in a release reproduced at the bottom of this item. Also on view: another photo of Martinez, who's currently being held without bond in Jefferson County jail.

Jefferson County District Attorney's Office release:

Timothy Layne Martinez, a 32-year-old Lakewood man, has been charged with 19 counts of sexual assault against two women. Martinez is accused of committing these sexual assaults between February and November 2006. Earlier in 2009 one of the victims reported the assaults to the Lakewood Police Department and their investigation led to his arrest and charges being filed.

Martinez is accused of having committed numerous sexual assaults and recording them on videotape. According to court records, most of the assaults are committed while the victim(s) is asleep or in some altered state. Many of the sexual assaults appear to have taken place at his home in Lakewood.

There are two victims named in this case, both of whom were known to Martinez. Prosecutors are not disclosing the nature of the relationship between Martinez and the women in order to protect their identity.

As part of this ongoing investigation, the Lakewood Police Department believe the woman in the photo below may have information about this case and would like to talk to her, or to anyone who might have information about her. There are two other photos of the woman attached.

If anyone has information, please call Lakewood Police Department Investigator Karen Turnbull at 303-987-7217.

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