Westword Is Here for You!

Pick up an essential at Safeway.
Pick up an essential at Safeway. Westword
We want to share with all of our readers the message that went out to Westword newsletter subscribers on March 20:

First of all, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting Westword.

We love our readers, because without you we never could have created a publication that for the past 43 years has remained devoted to telling stories that without us might well have gone untold.

Some of those stories may even have been about you, or your relatives or friends. They’re about places and people you know, or wanted to know more about. They’re about politics, business, food, cannabis, music, art, sports and theater – pretty much everything that makes Denver the incredible city that it is.

Call us sentimental, but we think that in many ways that makes us family. And we take care of our family.

We know you’re experiencing the financial, social and emotional stress caused by the coronavirus. So are we. As local businesses have been forced to temporarily close or cut back, our advertising has suffered. Everyone in our company has taken pay cuts, and we’ve also had to lay off beloved colleagues. None of us knows when things will return to normal, or even what normal will look like.

But we’re writing to let you know that whatever happens, we intend to be here to serve the readers, the advertisers and the many other partners who’ve helped us in our mission to provide an independent voice for the people of this great city.

One of America’s greatest journalists, Edward R. Murrow, famously wrote that, in this country, “We are not descended from fearful men.”

We think that goes double for the people of Denver.

Murrow was talking about the Red Scare of the 1950s. He was underscoring the importance of making decisions based on reason, not panic or emotion. He reminded Americans that facts and evidence were important, as was due process of law.

We think that message is even more critical today. We’re willing to bet that you agree. In fact, based on the web traffic we’re getting for our coronavirus coverage, we can we see that you do. We’ve seen similar spikes on when we’ve covered local elections and other major news events. It’s gratifying to see that so many people in Denver rely on us to stay informed, and we want to keep it that way. That’s why we’re also working hard to make it easy to find the weekly print edition of Westword, even though your favorite pick-up location may be temporarily shuttered.

Yes, Denver, we’re still printing newspapers, and they’re available in all Safeway stores throughout the city. We’re working with other grocers to add newsstand locations, and will be dropping papers at large apartment and condominium complexes around the city. If your favorite restaurant is offering take-out and delivery, you can find us there. And here’s something else: if you prefer to read Westword in its traditional print format but are truly stuck at home, you can get an elegant reading experience by browsing our online flipbook.

We want to continue to be part of your life. So that’s why we’re writing: to let you know that we’re still here. Our reporters, editors, photographers, illustrators, salespeople, production department workers and business office employees are on the job, keeping Westword going and doing the work necessary to get you the news.

We’ll stay in the fight. Let’s do it together.
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