Yakov Rakhshtut: DIA bus driver criminally charged in death of Katherine McKinley

After Katherine McKinley, 57, was struck and killed by a bus at Denver International Airport last month, driver Yakov Rakhshtut did not go through the booking process. Rather, he was simply given a summons for the incident; it's on view below. But after looking at the facts of the case, the Denver District Attorney's Office has formally charged Rakhshtut with careless driving resulting in death.

According to the DA's office, Rakhshtut, who's 59, was behind the wheel of a rental car shuttle -- one belonging to Avis, the summons notes -- at 11:45 a.m. on October 13 when the vehicle struck McKinley, who was striding toward the terminal in a crosswalk.

McKinley failed to respond to treatment after being struck and was later pronounced dead. The Denver coroner's office describes the cause as "craniocerebral injuries due to the bus striking a pedestrian."

No word at this point about what convinced the district attorney's office to come down with criminal charges. But as noted on the summons, which features a mark near the box "careless driving involving death," Rakhshtut has an 8 a.m. November 20 court appearance scheduled for arraignment.

Here's the summons.

Yakov Rakhshtut Careless Death Summons

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