The man in the white shirt seen in the video is being sought by the Lakewood Police Department.
The man in the white shirt seen in the video is being sought by the Lakewood Police Department.
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See Adults Brawl Over Lakewood Youth Baseball, Search on for Biggest Idiot

Editor's note: Five people were cited in the brawl at a June 15 youth baseball game in Lakewood after video of the incident went viral, and the remainder of the season has been canceled for the two teams involved. Get more details in our update, "Baseball Brawl Fallout: Five Citations, Cancelled Games, National Shame." Continue for our previous coverage.

The man in the white shirt and teal shorts in the image above is currently the most hunted man in metro Denver.

And the biggest idiot, since he was captured on video committing what appears to be full-scale assault at a youth baseball game in Lakewood this past weekend.

According to the Lakewood Police Department, which shared the video, the game took place at Westgate Elementary School on Saturday, June 15. The players were reportedly in the age-seven range and hailed from Denver and Bear Creek. The scrap was prompted by an objection to a call made by the umpire, a wizened thirteen-year-old.

As you'll see, the man in question eventually began whaling away, with one person suffering injuries described as serious.

Here's the clip and LPD information.

This is hardly the first time Westword has covered violence associated with youth baseball.

In our January 1, 1998, strange-but-true roundup of events from 1997, we told you about a Platteville Little League baseball coach who faced disorderly-conduct charges after screaming curse words and head-butting an umpire in the wake of a defeat.

Our 2000 feature "Left for Dead" dug into the details of a shooting whose motivation was traced to a baseball game between Central and Hinkley high schools in which a pitcher for the former smacked a batter for the latter.

And in 2011, Christy Ausmus, then the town prosecutor for the City of Castle Rock, was accused of assault and disorderly conduct after fisticuffs broke out over — you guessed it — a disputed call.

Get it right, ump, or there could be hell to pay.

If you have any info about the aforementioned man or the Westgate fight in general, you're encouraged to contact the Lakewood Police Department at 303-987-7111.

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