3 Sons Italian Restaurant is not pasta point of no return

Jason Sheehan has said it before -- right here, in fact -- but we'll say it again: 3 Sons Italian Restaurant is definitely open.

Ignore the "for sale" sign on the building at 2915 West 44th Avenue, advises owner Michael Scarafiotti. Yes, he and his wife, Susan, plan to build their own place -- where they're not at the whim of a landlord -- in a new location in the northwest 'burbs, but in the meantime, they're cooking up a storm at the spot they inherited when they bought 3 Sons in 2004.

"And we want you to be a part of this exciting adventure!" their website advises. "Purchase a brick with your name and phrase, up to three lines, and make your family become ours."

The deadline for buying a brick is August 22; the Scarafiottis hope to be in their new Arvada home in March 2009. But don't wait to go back to 3 Sons until it's pasta point of no return. -- Patricia Calhoun


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