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Top Chef Hosea Rosenberg is officially a very busy man. We all saw Rosenberg, the chef of Jax in Boulder, come out on top on Top Chef last week, and he's been on the talk-show circuit ever since.

I tried to get into the West End Tavern for the final-episode party, but it was jammed. So instead, I decided to interview Rosenberg later. I thought it would be easy, since he's been so accessible in Boulder. I was wrong.

First, I asked the PR guy at Big Red F, the owner of Jax and West End, as well as a half-dozen other places in Denver and Boulder, to set me up. But it turns out that once you win a national chef competition and 100 large, you suddenly belong to Bravo, and that was the outfit that would have to connect me with Rosenberg. So I began jumping through hoops.

On Friday, we were ready to go -- and then I got bumped by MARTHA STEWART!!! Finally, yesterday I was able to grab five minutes with Rosenberg, Denver's newest celebrity. Although I only live a few miles from Jax, he was holed up in a hotel in New York City, so we spoke over the phone.

Rosenberg, who's been in New York since Thursday, started by giving me a quick view of how the last few days have been. "It has been nonstop," he said. "I've had a couple of interviews on TV. I was on Regis and Kelly, and Anderson Cooper was the guest host, so that was cool...

"It has been fun meeting people, but it has been overwhelming," he continued. "What's crazy is that now, all of a sudden, Martha Stewart is asking for me. I am no longer anonymous. I can't walk into a restaurant without being noticed."

Part of the novelty of this year's Top Chef was that both Rosenberg and fellow Big Red F chef Melissa Harrison made it onto the show. Considering that thousands of chefs tried out from around the country, what were the chances that two from Big Red F would make it? Was Big Red F owner Dave Query up to something?

"It's weird, Dave had never seen it before," Rosenberg told me. "We both auditioned and I think it was more of a coincidence. He had no part in it at all."

And will Big Red F be part of Rosenberg's future? "Well, first off, I'm going to be spending some time with both my parents, because they are both sick," Rosenberg said. "Besides that, I am still at Jax. My job right now is the chef at Jax, even though I've been gone since Wednesday. That's still where I'm at, but I'm trying to put plans together for a restaurant of my own. I am looking at other offers as well, but it's a long journey."

Let's hope that long journey leads Rosenberg right back to Boulder.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.