A mini-restaurant empire has grown from Gaia Bistro

Izakaya Den and Sushi Den aren't the only sibling restaurants on Old South Pearl Street -- or the only family-owned enterprise that's growing along that stretch. Patrick Mangold-White is slated to open Uno Mas, a taqueria, in the former home of Budapest Bistro, on Sunday -- so it seemed like a good time to check in at the restaurant that Mangold-White opened before there was all this talk of "one more" thing on South Pearl.

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I'm not referring to Kaos, the pizza haven at 1439 South Pearl that White runs with partner Jon Edwards, but Gaia Bistro -- the duo's first restaurant on South Pearl, which they opened in 2006.

"When we opened Gaia, we discussed opening a taqueria," Mangold-White told Lori Midson last week, "and then when we opened Kaos, we talked about it again, and when the owner of Budapest Bistro came to me and said she was selling it, I knew it was the right space and the right time."

Gaia's patio has become a popular landmark on South Pearl. But is the kitchen still doing things right? Find out tomorrow when my review is posted here.

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