Ace's new happy hour features $1 snacks and 64 cocktail combinations

Ace, winner of our Best New Bar award in the Best of Denver 2013 (and voted Reader's Choice for Best New Restaurant), just keeps getting better. On Sunday, it's introducing a new happy-hour menu with make-your-own cocktail pairings, wallet-friendly fare and extended hours.

For $5, you can customize your own happy-hour cocktail, matching one of Ace's eight signature sodas with eight different types of liquor for an astonishing 64 potential outcomes. A favorite among staffers is the celery soda paired with the Jackelope Gin, for a thirst-quenching, summery drink. Gin and celery not your style? Try the ginger soda with Stoli Vodka for a Moscow mule-like refresher . And if that's not quite right, there are still 62 more options once you match your choice of rum, tequila, Irish whiskey, bourbon, Scotch or sochu with black cherry, tonic, No. 11 cola, grapefruit, bitter lemon or orange sodas.

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Lobbing up more than just cocktails, the new menu also offers an assortment of $1 snacks -- including tiger wings, pork and chive shumai dim sum, and Chinese-style ribs ordered by the piece. If your wallet is a bit fatter, there are also $2 jungle nuts or kimchi, and a $3 papaya salad. The new happy hours is the work of bar manager Randy Layman and executive chef Brandon Bieberman; starting April 21, it will be in play from 3 to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 p.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursday.

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