Addicted to Dunkin' Donuts

I have good news for everyone who’s been bugging me since I mentioned back in March that Dunkin’ Donuts had signed a deal that would put its excellent coffee into retail locations across the country. Finally, Dunkin’ Donuts coffee is available at Colorado Rite Aid locations.

In fact, this is fantastic news, because I’m just about out of donut juice and wasn’t looking forward to driving all the way down to Colorado Springs (the closest Dunkin’ Donuts store to Denver) for another load of pound bags. Last time I was there, I was behind three groups of twitching, black-eyed transplant East Coasters who’d all obviously run short and made the drive to refill their supplies. Let me tell you, I’ve seen more together crowds standing on line at the methadone clinic. DD coffee is a wicked addiction, and for those of us who’ve got the monkey on our backs, the news that we can get a quick fix is kinda like hearing that the Supreme Court has temporarily repealed the law of gravity on the day we have to move a couch into a third-story apartment.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got to get down to the local Rite Aid and fill my trunk with coffee, like, now. -- Jason Sheehan

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