Art Cormier's Mr. Biggs could be in big trouble

Art Cormier's name has popped up plenty of times in Westword -- in our stories about the Regency Hotel ,and most recently in a post about Amazing Jake's, the funplex in Aurora where Cormier tried to revive the scene he had going in northwest Denver.

Complaints from neighbors helped end the party at Amazing Jake's, but soon the complaints were coming from another location: unincorporated Jefferson County, where Cormier now owns Mr. Biggs, a popular teen hangout and bowling alley (formerly known as FatzCity), which was recently cited by the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department for what spokesman Mark Techmeyer describes as an aborted fashion show featuring topless models, some under the legal drinking age.

Back on December 18, Techmeyer explains, "Deputies were doing a normal, routine bar check and discovered there was a fashion show getting ready to take place there -- that's what they were referring to it as. But the models were in a state of partial undress, and they were using latex paint to cover their breasts, which was against county ordinances for their establishment and location" -- a space at roughly a midpoint between Chatfield High School and Columbine High School (and mere blocks from Ute Meadows Elementary School).

Mr. Biggs was cited for a liquor violation; there's a hearing on that citation February 4. "Be cool, do right," says Mr. Biggs's website.

And do it clothed.

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