Aviano Coffee has closed. Bye-bye, Beauvallon

Hat's off to a Cafe Society reader who tipped us to the unfortunate demise of Aviano Coffee at 955 Lincoln Street in the beleaguered Beauvallon building.

A woman who answered a call to Aviano yesterday gave a "no comment" when asked about the closure, but then said details would be forthcoming. A sign on the shop's door thanks customers for their business and says that a new location is in the works at Second Avenue and St. Paul Street "in the next couple/few weeks."

Not like we didn't see it comin', though.

The place was practically doomed from the get-go. As we reported in our January 2009 story on the building and the developer behind it, the Beauvallon's tenants started complaining about shoddy construction and sued just two years after the place opened.

By last August, Aviano was one of the only businesses left at the building, and on the cusp of major construction work on the building's stucco, owner Doug Naiman more or less predicted the shop's failure..

The building now is a mess of construction equipment, pedestrian byways and "For Lease" signs, looking not unlike the early stages of a Gob Bluth disappearing act. Or a Christo art project.

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