Aviano Coffee update: Could be pouring soon...but not today

When we spoke with owner Doug Naiman on Monday, he had high hopes that Aviano Coffee would be pouring soon in its new home at 244 Detroit Street. One city department had already signed off on the space, with only two more permits to go. But it looks like the coffee's still not on at Aviano today -- although the space will be selling Intelligentsia beans and brewing equipment from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. See also: - Best Coffeehouse for Coffee 2011: Aviano - Aviano Coffee moves again, to another location in Cherry Creek- Best Coffeehouse for Coffee 2011: Aviano Coffee - The Beauvallon is bitter grounds for Aviano Coffee

Location, location, location. Back in 2006, Aviano was one of the first tenants in the Beauvallon, the beleaguered behemoth in the 900 block of Lincoln Street, and it was one of the last ones out, finally forced to leave by the construction curtains that swathed the building in 2009. From there, Aviano went to 3031 East Second Avenue in Cherry Creek, where it had a good run -- and picked up a Best of Denver award along the way. But that block is being developed, and last month Naiman got the news that Aviano had to be out in two weeks...much sooner than he expected.

Fortunately, he already had a new location picked out, and started doing work, fast, on the new space, setting up a temporary coffee bar up front. Once the city signs off on that set-up, Aviano will be back in business -- and work will continue on a more expansive build-out in the back of the place.

In the meantime, Naiman thanks his customers for their patience: "Cherry Creek has been very good to us," he says.

For updates on Aviano's progress, go to its Facebook page.

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