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Big Fat Cupcake Curbside truck hits the pavement

"I love this little truck, so much, in fact, that I could seriously put a little bed in there and sleep in it."

Kathleen Nevin, the baking mistress behind Big Fat Cupcake, 129 Adams Street, just bought herself an antiquated ice cream truck for $900 in Colorado Springs, and while it's currently holed up in a Denver repair shop, thanks to a blinker issue, Nevin couldn't be happier with her purchase. "It had a dead battery when I bought it, so I had to get it towed down to Denver, but we cleaned it up, painted it and wrapped it, and now, I'm just in love with the thing," says Nevin, who started selling cupcakes from the truck last Tuesday.

"I wanted to open a second location, but couldn't afford the financing, so this was the next best thing -- I'm thinking of it as our second store," she explains. The truck, which motors around the streets of Denver Monday through Saturday, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., spends a lot of time downtown, parked at 16th and California streets or at 16th and Welton streets, and according to Nevin, business has been brisk. "We sort of did a surprise launch, without really publicizing the fact that we had a truck, but it's going very well so far, and we've even sold out," she says, adding that she's picked up a large chunk of business from downtown offices placing special orders. "It's another way of going to the customer, rather than making them come to us."

And Nevin is having a blast. "You don't know the joy if being on a truck until you're actually on the truck. It's hysterical and so much fun," she tells me. She's currently doling out eight flavors each day, with plans to eventually offer thirty varieties, plus a flavor of the day and a gluten-free cupcake. And she also wants to have guest appearances. "I'd love to have special guests ride with me for the day, and I'm even looking for a pink guest of honor chair." In addition, Nevin says she's going to start parking the truck in one of the lots near Invesco Field at Mile High on game days. "We're going to have some great tailgating parties before the Bronco games."

The injured curbside cupcake truck, which Nevin hopes will be released from the auto doctor today, or tomorrow, has its own Twitter and Facebook page, where you can follow its movements. For more info, you can also call 303-322-2253.

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Lori Midson
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