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Blackbelly Market Expands Butcher Shop, Opens Retail Space and Private Dining Room

Blackbelly Market is now Boulder’s one-stop-shop for all things artisan.
Blackbelly Market is now Boulder’s one-stop-shop for all things artisan. Blackbelly Market
“We probably tripled our footprint — again,” says Lauren Feder Rosenberg, co-owner and director of communications at Blackbelly Market (1606 Conestoga Street, Boulder). She’s also married to its co-owner and executive chef, Hosea Rosenberg. This week, the eatery officially opened its expanded butcher shop, as well as its new market and private dining room.

After winning the 2009 season of Top Chef, Rosenberg started Blackbelly as a catering business. For a brief period, the company had a farm and a food truck, but shifted its focus in November 2014 when Rosenberg opened the brick-and-mortar eatery. It quickly gained popularity in Boulder for its farm-to-table menu and butcher counter, set in a small alcove of the restaurant.

Then, when the doughnut shop next door closed for business, Rosenberg seized the opportunity. He opened Blackbelly Butcher in April 2016, moving and expanding the meat market into its own dedicated space. Overseen by head butcher Kelly Kawachi, the artisanal shop takes pride in its old-world butchery methods, using whole animals in-house to avoid any waste. Its wagyu beef, lamb and heritage pork are locally sourced from ethical ranchers whom the Rosenbergs know personally.

During this time, Blackbelly Butcher also installed a curing chamber. “We are the only business in Boulder that’s licensed to make and sell our own housemade salumi, prosciutto [and other] cured meats,” says Feder Rosenberg.
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House-cured meats are one of the butcher shop’s specialties.
Blackbelly Market
Another door opened in early 2021, when the Quiznos next to Blackbelly Butcher shut down operations. Again, the company jumped on the expansion opportunity, moving the butcher shop to the new space and launching a retail market. After all, what’s charcuterie without all the accoutrements?

“We make all the meats. We [have] a beautiful selection of cheeses, and then all of the olives and honeys and jams and crackers and pickles — all kinds of things that would make the perfect picnic or the perfect board for entertaining at home,” notes Feder Rosenberg. “Plus, we’re now able to sell bottles of wine, bottled cocktails, fresh baked breads, [and] lots of pastries.”

Feder Rosenberg also mentions a new espresso machine, and explains that what Blackbelly can’t make in-house, it sources locally whenever possible, naming a few Boulder-based vendors, including Bhakti Chai, Conscious Coffees and Chocolove.

The majority of items, though, are direct from the Blackbelly kitchen. The company recently hired pastry chef Madeline Stephenson. “She’s making some delicious items and a couple of things that are gluten-free that you would never, ever guess if you were to taste [them],” says Feder Rosenberg, calling out the gluten-free fudge brownie and cheddar-bacon scones specifically.

Blackbelly also expanded the role of its baker, Zachary Hine, who now manages the bread program. Feder Rosenberg praises Hine’s talent, and explains that “on a pretty daily basis, he’s making focaccia, baguette, a seeded sourdough and some challah, as well.”
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A few of the new baked goods, including gluten-free options.
Blackbelly Market
Soon, visitors can also look forward to housemade pastas and fresh dine-in options, including charcuterie boards, happy hour bites and additional boozy beverages. Feder Rosenberg mentions that most of these offerings will be available come spring, when Blackbelly Market will extend its hours and open up new patio seating.

The patio, she says, is "west- and south-facing, so it’s got views of the Flatirons. We’re really excited about opening a relaxing kind of space where you can just come and hang out.” She notes that the outdoor seating will accommodate around twenty guests, in addition to the 53 seats in the updated market. The previous space was only able to cater to 22 seated visitors.

The expansion has also created extra seating for Blackbelly’s restaurant. Part of the former market space is now the Heritage Room, which supports overflow dining when needed. But in general, it’s a private dining space with a capacity of 32 seated guests or fifty for a standing reception. A/V equipment rentals are available, and the space features a sound system, wi-fi, and modern decor.
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The Heritage Room, a new space available for private dining.
Blackbelly Market
“We’ve got beautiful new handmade tables and artwork by a local artist, Will Day. We also have some beautiful light fixtures that we got locally from Splashlight Studios here in Boulder, and a nice bar that was handmade by James Hans. He did a lot of our woodworking and metal for the whole project,” says Feder Rosenberg. She adds that the space is great for multiple uses, from cocktail parties to corporate events.

The Heritage Room also has its own private entrance. Feder Rosenberg explains that the Blackbelly Market building has several entrances, some of which are new and may be confusing to visitors, especially given that market and restaurant hours currently vary. For now, the butcher shop and market are open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The entrance is located on the west side of the building and provides access to the market as well as breakfast and lunch service. For dinner service, available from 4 to 9 p.m. daily, use the north-facing entrance.

“It’s so expansive now, it’s really hard to track someone down in the building,” jokes Feder Rosenberg. “We’re calling it our own culinary campus.”
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