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Bocadillo closes temporarily, and will reopen with dinner-only hours

It's been months since Bocadillo, one of Denver's best new restaurants of 2012, closed, leaving those of us enamored with chef-owner Derek Dietz's Spanish-influenced sandwiches and tapas wondering if he and his staff would ever reopen the Sunnyside space that trumpeted some really incredible food. See also: - Photos: Bocadillo, a groovy new Spanish-influenced sandwich shop, opens Tuesday - Bocadillo brings the flavors of Spain to Sunnyside

Yes, says Dietz's partner Andrew Minhinnick, Bocadillo will be back, but when it returns, it'll be dinner only -- and the timing, he adds, isn't solidified. "We closed to restructure, and while we'll reopen as Bocadillo, we're planning to do what we really wanted to do in the first place: dinner and great drinks."

At the moment, Bocadillo doesn't have its liquor license, but it's forthcoming, says Minhinnick, who notes that while he and Dietz won't completely overhaul the interior, they will upgrade it. "The goal is to make it a little more upscale and a little more loungey rather than lunch-y and deli-ish," he tells me. "We're going to try and start building out a bar next week, and we'll hopefully get a full liquor license, so we can serve beer, wine and spirits, most of them local."

And the menu, he stresses, will also remain dedicated to local farmers and purveyors, but the duo plans to simplify it. "When we were doing lunch, it was a different menu every single day, and that's tough," he admits, "so when we reopen, we'll still have a seasonal menu, but it probably won't change on a daily basis, and I'm not sure we'll have sandwiches -- that's still being sorted out."

And so is a reopening date. "We're making some changes, but we'd like to be up and running again by spring. Things are definitely in motion," says Minhinnick.

Watch for updates on the Cafe Society blog.

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