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Boulder is the third most honest city in the country, according to Honest Tea

The results are in on Honest Tea's experiment in honesty, and Boulder ranks as the third most honest city in the country, following closely behind Oakland and Salt Lake City.

Over the last few weeks, Honest Tea set up kiosks in fifty locations in thirty cities across the country, stocking them with five flavors of cold tea and using the honor system to ask people to pay a buck per bottle. With data from those tests, Honest Tea created an National Honesty Index that allows you to compare cities online.

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Using the iPad app above, undercover Honest Tea personnel tracked who paid for and who "stole" tea from the kiosks. According to their data, Oakland and Salt Lake City tie at 100 percent honesty, with Boulder close behind at 99 percent. But Denver rated only 90 percent overall -- brought down by an 80 percent honesty rating at a second location on the 16th Street Mall.

Overall, the nation scored an impressive 93 percent, with women coming in at 95 percent honest and men at 91 percent.

In the process of testing honesty in different areas, Honest Tea also touted its own transparency. But the company had other goals, too: to raise money for AmeriCorp's City Year, which focuses on mentoring at-risk high-schoolers. "One purpose of our experiment is to highlight the level of trust in communities across our nation," says Seth Goldman, president and TeaEO of Honest Tea. "We're glad to donate the money collected from this year's experiment to City Year, which helps make our communities stronger." Honest Tea donated all the money collected during this experiment to City Year, and also matched it.

Check out the full results below -- and then make your own honesty comparisons online.

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Natalie Gonzalez