Boulder's 14th Street Bar & Grill will shutter this weekend after a 22-year run

After 22 years, 14th Street Bar and Grill, the Boulder restaurant that's been slinging California cuisine from its address at 1400 Pearl Street since 1988, is calling it quits.

One of Boulder's first restaurants to instill a real wood-burning oven, which produced some killer pizzas and smoky burgers, the popular food temple, owned by Jack Kerner and his wife, Kathy Andrade, will serve its last meal on Saturday night. "It's bittersweet, and a little sad, but after more than twenty years, it's time to move on," says Aaron Lobato, Andrade's son, and the director of operations for 14th Street as well as Interstate Kitchen and Bar, in Denver, which he owns with his brother, Andrew. "They won't let me use the word retire, but Jack and Kathy are going to enjoy themselves, take it easy and slow it down for a while."

According to Loboto, Kerner and Andrade had been entertaining offers for more than a year, when an offer came in that they couldn't refuse. Loboto won't reveal who's taking over the space, but rumors are flying that a few big name Boulderites, already immersed in the food world, are involved in the purchase.

For his part, Loboto says that while it's hard to let go of a restaurant that's been such a large part of his life, it now gives him time to concentrate on Interstate (home of the awesome lap dogs) and new projects. "It was really hard work straddling two restaurants and commuting every day, and Andrew and I are definitely looking to explore future opportunities, so while it's tough letting go of 14th Street, I'm looking forward to more projects down the line."

He's looking forward, too, to Saturday night at 14th Street, which will stay open late. "We're expanding our hours, and will continue to serve people as long as they're walking through the door, or until the food runs out, whichever comes first."

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.