Fresh Thymes Eatery in Boulder is hosting a bee celebration.
Fresh Thymes Eatery in Boulder is hosting a bee celebration.
Chris Utterback

Boulder's Fresh Thymes Eatery Throws a Honey of a Celebration Tomorrow

Earth Day has come and gone, but those looking to extend the celebration of our planet a little longer should head to Boulder, where every day is Earth Day. Especially at Fresh Thymes Eatery, which is throwing an Earth Week bash in honor of honey and the bees that make it. The party starts at noon Saturday, April 25,  and will feature beekeeping forums, mead tastings and a variety of honey-tinged snacks.

According to the restaurant's blog, Fresh Thymes goes through six gallons of honey every week, so the restaurant is dedicated to supporting the beekeeping community and the local farming community that relies on bees for pollination. "The only other sweetener we use, sparingly, is coconut sugar," says the eatery.

Representatives from Jacob Springs Farm will be on hand to discuss home beekeeping, and there will be a demonstration beehive from  Open Source Beehive, a non-profit that helps ensure the spread of honey bees in Colorado. Tim Brod from Highland Honey will provide samples of unfiltered, unheated honey, and there will be live music from Banshee Tree. Stick around for samples of mead from Red Stone Meadery (at 2 p.m.) and Medovina (at 3 p.m.).

Fresh Thymes is a gluten-free, community-supported restaurant; normal business hours are from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday.


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