Boulder's Oak at Fourteenth now open for lunch

It's been just over a month since Bryan Dayton and Steve Redzikowski reopened the doors of Oak at Fourteenth, revealing the space they had to rebuild after fire destroyed the original restaurant last spring. "Things have been going really well," Dayton says. "I mean, really well. It seems like everything is just cruising."

So well, in fact, that the restaurant just took the next step in its plan for a full re-open: It rolled out new lunch hours today.

And the menu for that meal, though still displaying Redzikowski's style, is definitely distinct from the dinner list. "It's pretty eclectic," says Dayton. "There are a lot of really unique things on there, and we're pushing the envelope on different things." While he notes that a few items carry over from the nighttime menu -- including the yellow fin tuna and pumpkin soup -- the board is mostly new, with such offerings as a pork belly sandwich topped with a fried egg and apple kimchi, a grilled romaine Caesar salad doused in a light peppercorn vinaigrette, and a deal that nets diners a burger and a housemade root beer for $11. "It's a lot of feel-good food, but there are lighter options, too," he notes.

What's next? Once the weather is warmer, the restaurant will further extend its hours, Dayton says, staying open all day so that diners can relax on the patio. Oak will eventually add daytime hours on the weekends, too, but don't expect this to become another brunch spot. "Brunch wasn't consistent," Dayton explains. "Plus, Snooze is right up the street and Lucille's is literally right down the block, so we're just going to do lunch and see how it goes. If the market seems like it wants us to bring back brunch, we'll do it."

But in the meantime, he concludes, "we're taking it step-by-step."

Oak at Fourteenth is currently open for lunch from 11:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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