Bread alert! Make virtual art, and help Share Our Strength

Go ahead, play with your food. For every piece of virtual bread art you make between now and June 30, the Bread Art Project will donate $1 to Share Our Strength.

The Grain Foods Foundation created the Bread Art Project in 2009 to help raise awareness of hunger in America and gave $25,000 to Feeding America; this year it's focusing on children, which is why it's partnered with Share Our Strength. They hope to double last year's take and raise $50,000 for SOS, according to the foundation's Monica Higgins.

"Share Our Strength is leading the way to help end childhood hunger in America by 2015," she explains. "Share Our Strength understands that it's not just about feeding people; it's also about making sure they are fed healthy meals with nutritional value. Since bread and grains are affordable and versatile -- a great way to stretch dollars at mealtime -- it just made sense."

To help, you simply go to Bread Art Project and create a piece of art. "It's an easy way for people to help those in need -- at no cost to themselves. All they have to do is participate online, and for every piece of bread art uploaded, we will donate $1 to a cause dedicated to fighting hunger in the United States," Higgins says. The art projects are created on a piece of virtual bread, but instead of paint or colors, you have a "toast" and "un-toast" option. "When it came to creating art on a surface, bread is much more suited than, say, a piece of pasta or a cracker," explains Higgins. "It's the perfect canvas!"

For inspiration, view previous submissions on the Grain Foods Foundation's Flickr page. For more information visit http://www.gowiththegrain.org/.

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