Brief Jerky: Edible underwear we can really sink our teeth into

Gluttons we might be, but we're not exactly turned on by the notion of picking candy -- or, worse yet, melted fruit roll-up goo -- out of our private parts, so we've never been partial to edible underwear. But now we've learned that some creative genius has invented a type of consumable lingerie that we can really sink our teeth into.

We're talking about unmentionables made of meat, which come in several varieties:

The bacon bra... ...and matching underpants! Probably should fry that up before consuming it. Prosciutto panties. Because nothing says sexy like salty, sticky, see-through undergarments that eliminate the need for cooking. This jazzed-up meat package (pun intended) can be yours for the low, low price of $15. Or make your own, following the instructions for crafting these bad boys. And might we suggest appropriately named local products like Perky Jerky or Climax Jerky as possible material for more meaty embellishments to your finished britches?

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