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Broomfield's Big Choice Brewing will start canning in March

Big Choice Brewing in Broomfield will become the next small brewer to get one of its beers onto liquor-store shelves when it begins canning its Disconnected Red in March.

The brewery, which has only been open since May 2012, will use the services of Mobile Canning LLC, the Longmont-based company that takes its canning line on the road to breweries across Colorado that want to can their beers in small batches.

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"We are doing four packs of sixteen-ounce cans," says Nathaniel Miller, who owns the brewery with Tyler Ruse. "We had originally had the idea to use sixteen-ounce cans a year or two ago because the thing we hated the most was pouring a twelve-ounce can into a pint glass and having the last four ounces be empty."

At the taphouse, Big Choice serves its beers in sixteen-ounce proper pint glasses or in 22-ounce super pints, "in case someone is really thirsty," Miller says.

Big Choice will self-distribute the beer -- a hoppy red ale -- to liquor stores west of I-25, north of I-70, south of Highway 52 and east of the foothills, at least initially.

To handle the anticipated demand, Miller and Ruse are buying a new thirty-barrel fermenter, which increases their brewing capacity by nearly 150 percent.

"We will start with five barrels for the first run," Miller says, adding that the fermenter should be ready to go by late March. "And the goal is that we are hoping to introduce two, if not three more, of our standard lineup of beers in cans later this year."

Big Choice is also changing its logo from a compass to a design that includes two arrows pointing in different directions.

The four-color logo was complicated and more expensive to reproduce, Miller notes: "It got lost. We wanted something simpler and more impactful."

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