Burger King's new bacon sundae -- thievery for no good reason

When you are a thief, like Burger King, you have two possible paths to success: 1) be a really good thief and don't get caught, or 2) steal something big and pricey so you can retire early and faff around with the piss-ant stuff.

I couldn't help but think of this when I saw BK consistently and blatantly purloining the idea its new bacon sundae -- currently in test markets until it decides to unleash it on the fast-food scene.

Denny's put out a Maple Bacon Sundae a while ago, Jack in the Box recently introduced its Bacon Milkshake, and it seems like every fast and casual restaurant is falling all over itself to make sure it offers applewood bacon instead of the usual cheap, factory-produced pork fat in an effort to capitalize on the fact that American customers have no self-control when they see strips of bacon waved in their faces. Burger King, as usual, is last in line, and making a big fuss over an idea it clearly co-opted -- and idea that wasn't really that great to begin with.

Denny's bacon-infused sundae is woefully disgusting -- it tastes like ice cream, bacon and pancake syrup yorf, and Jack's milkshake smacks of gamey, faux-smoky, salted vanilla. So do we really need Burger King sprinkling bacon bits on its everyday Chocolate Fudge Sundae?

I suppose the only real surprise in the news of BK's latest rip-off is that the third-place chain isn't stealing the idea from first-place McDonald's. But that makes this non-apologetic pilfer even more pitiable. Ripping off Denny's is a lot like stealing a homeless guy's grocery cart: It's not going to do you much good, and he obviously needs it worse than you do.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.