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Cafe con Leche will party at Great Divide with Quiero Arepas, Biker Jim and Stick It to Me during the The Great Food Truck Race this weekend in Denver

Just a quick update to this weekend's The Great Food Truck Race celebrations in Denver, which we've been covering extensively on the Cafe Society blog: Cafe con Leche, the Cuban food truck from Van Nuys, California, will be camped outside Great Divide Brewery, 2201 Arapahoe, on Sunday, from 3 to 8 p.m. -- and it's going to be one helluva party!

Quiero Arepas, Biker Jim and Stick It to Me will all be there, too, selling food, while Great Divide pours the suds. "We're totally supporting the Cafe con Leche truck -- it's Latino pride," says Beckie Panasewicz, who runs the Quiero Arepas truck with her husband, Igor, who was born in Venezuela, as was Francisco Tosta-mönch, the exec chef of Cafe con Leche. "We're going to be selling and cooking food, man, and totally pushing for them."

By the way, the scuttlebutt on the street is that the Cafe con Leche truck will also pull up to Cuba Cuba, 1173 Delaware Street, at some point on Sunday. "Patio season comin' your way. Looking forward to cocktails and Cuban eats out there this weekend," says the latest note on Cuba Cuba's Facebook page, which, in and of itself, gives nothing away, but we're holding out hope.

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