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Cafe Society: Week in Review

What you might have missed this week on Cafe Society while you were making wiener rounds in celebration of opening day at Coors Field: Alex Seidel, owner/chef of Fruition, was named a Food & Wine magazine Best New Chef, a big effing deal in its own right -- but considering that the last time this honor was bestowed upon a Denver chef was in 2003, it's like Santa Claus came to town nine months early.

The cupcake craze has gone mobile, at least in Denver, where Cake Crumbs Bakery owners Denon Moore and her husband, Sean Moore, have rolled out the Denver Cupcake Truck, which will begin wheeling its way around city streets on Tuesday, April 13.

Jennifer Jasinski doesn't include any cupcake recipes in The Perfect Bite, her upcoming cookbook, but the chef/owner of Rioja and Bistro Vendome, who was the subject of this week's Chef and Tell interview, does make one of the most amazing potato salads on the planet, the recipe of which she shares with Westword gastronauts here.

The April issue of Men's Journal touts Denver as one of the 25 Best Places to Live in America, and while it's painfully obvious that whoever wrote the piece hasn't actually been to Denver since brothels outnumbered bistros (anyone ignorant enough to write that it was "Barack Obama's acceptance speech at the 2008 Democratic National Convention" that "drew creative chefs" to Denver should be bitch-slapped), he did ballyhoo El Chapultepec, calling it a "divey" bar, which, in turn, spurned its own discussion about the dearth of dive bars in downtown Denver.

Here's hoping you've been keeping up with our list of 100 Favorite Dishes, which this week included the fried tacos from Mexico City Lounge; the pork knuckle sandwich from Highland Tavern (damn, that place is good!); the sausage sub from Carbone's Italian Sausage Market & Deli; the spectacular Dungeness crab salad from Rioja; and the New England clam chowder from Oceanaire.

There's only one spot left on our 100 Favorite Dishes list, and it definitely won't be going to Stick-e-Rice, since that closed earlier this week. Meanwhile, Dive on Fifteenth opened in the former Tryst; Backcountry Provisions is now churning out sandwiches at 1617 Wazee Street, and Café Aion, a new small plates restaurant from Dakota Soifer, formerly of the Kitchen [Upstairs], unlocked its doors in Boulder.

And that's this week's food wrap.

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