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Candy Girls: M&M's Premiums

I've been hearing about these new "upscale" M&M's for awhile, and have been really eager to try them since our earlier foray into new M&M's flavors had gotten mixed reviews. We really enjoyed the Limited Edition Wild Cherry M&M's, but the Indiana Jones Special Edition Mint Crisps just tasted wrong to us.

There are currently 5 premium flavors being sold, and each comes in a curvy, appealing 6 ounce box filled with the bespeckled, iridescent chocolates. The two almond chocolates are the familiar ovular shape of traditional Almond M&M's, while the other flavors are a traditional round M&M, though they range from slightly larger for the Mocha and Mint flavors and significantly larger for the Triple Chocolate (gotta stuff extra chocolate in there, I guess).

First Reactions:

These are all very beautiful and would really look lovely in a bowl as a single color/flavor or as a mix of a few flavors. The packaging fits nicely in your hand and the resealable plastic bag inside makes it convenient to eat just a couple of these at a time.

Raspberry Almond:

These are a nice size with a whole almond inside a layer of raspberry flavored white chocolate covered in dark chocolate. It's a very pretty candy, but I can't seem to shake the feeling that I'm eating raspberry Lip Smackers. The fruit flavor is too artificial tasting to make me want to try more than one or two of these.


These are a gorgeous shimmering golden bronze color. Inside is solid mocha-flavored milk chocolate. Maybe I'm just a coffee purist, but this tastes like too many fake flavored coffees I've had and not enough like the blend of straight up espresso and chocolate that I was hoping for. Those who enjoy their coffee with lots of sugar and cream would probably like these more than I do.

Triple Chocolate:

While I might be a coffee purist, I must not be a chocolate purist, since I've always been a big fan of super-sweet white chocolate. These are delicious -- a perfect blend of white and dark chocolate surrounding a milk chocolate center in a beautiful purple shell. Yum!

Mint Chocolate:

Wow! There is a really intense mint smell right out of the package. When you bite in, these do not disappoint in the way the Mint Crisps did. No siree -- these have a really nice bite of solid while chocolate mint and dark chocolate. I don't always love mint and chocolate combos, but these are actually amazingly good. Like, so good that they were the flavor that I kept going back to for another taste. They are refreshing and minty and would be good for an after dinner treat, like one of those mini Andes mint chocolate bars, but so much more chic with their pretty metallic green sheen.

Chocolate almond: I could only think of one word when I tried these and that was "boring". These are almost worse than the Raspberry, simply because of the lack of flavor. Perhaps some salt on the almond and a little more milk chocolate coating would help, because right now they don't taste worthy of their fancy cobalt and teal blue paint job.


While a few of these flavors are real stand outs and I would never hesitate to buy them, even with their premium price, a few can definitely be skipped. It's worth noting that none of these have a hard candy shell -- it is more of a light confectionery glaze coating that is much softer than a traditional M&M and tends to get soft and pliable in the heat.

Would we finish the bag? The Mint and Triple Chocolate will be gone before long, but the others might linger around for awhile. Would we buy again? The Mint will definitely be purchased again, and maybe the Triple Chocolate, but we'd likely skip the others.

-- Aubrey Shoe

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