Candy Girls: Skwinkles Sopeados

We like our chamoy and tamarind candy just as much your average Joe.  Okay, probably a lot more, since the combination of sweet, salty, and spicy isn't exactly a flavor fusion well represented in your typical American candy aisle.  But we think there's a place for this fun mixture, and aren't afraid to go looking for it in Mexican candies, even if the goo is just a corn syrup amalgamation and doesn't contain any actual fruit.  "Okay," you might say, "I can get behind the sweet/salty/spicy paste and the fact that this particular candy features gummy grubs that one is to dip into the sludge before consuming.  But shouldn't I also be concerned about lead contamination?"  Good question!

You'll be happy to know that Skwinkles Soeados, produced under Effem Mexico (a Mars branch), has been tested and found clear of lead.  But if you would still like one more thing to worry about, perhaps you will be interested to know that the Effem manufacturing plants in Mexico mostly produce pet food.  We're sure the confectionery branches are altogether separate, but there's nothing to whet the appetite more than seeing your favorite candy brands listed alongside Whiskas and Dentabone.

No flavor is indicated for the gummy grubs, but the scent is fruit punch.  The grubs are much firmer than we were expecting, feeling quite stale to the touch.  Their chewiness is more like that of a licorice rope than a gummy worm, and it's clear that they are made stiff so they can withstand a dip into the chili sauce.

The sauce is thick and sticky enough to hold a gummy grub upright.  Despite the fact that it's made with a corn syrup base, the first flavor to hit your tongue is salty, followed by the mild heat of the chili, then the lingering sweet.  The combination of the sauce with the fruit punch grubs results in an epic taste fail.  While the idea behind this candy isn't bad, the cheap execution of it makes it a no go.

We weren't sure why the copy on the candy's website instructs the eater to "dip all you want...but don't tell anyone," but now it seems clear.  If you're actually enjoying this candy, good luck finding someone who feels the same.

Would we eat the whole thing?  No, gracias.

Would we purchase again?  Gak.

Rating: 1 out of 5 

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.