Caution Brewing will open second location in Lakewood and can Lao Wang Lager

After just two years in business on Denver's northeast side, Caution Brewing announced Saturday that it will open a second brewery in Lakewood, at 1057 South Wadsworth Boulevard; Cautions' existing brewery will stay open as well.

The new location will have a smaller brewhouse -- three barrels as opposed to five at the existing brewery -- but a larger taproom. It will also be situated in a high-traffic shopping center on Wadsworth, rather than an industrial business park.

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There is only one other independent brewery in Lakewood, the Ironworks Brewery & Pub, so Caution owner Danny Wang says it presented the perfect opportunity.

"It's Colorado's fifth biggest city, so we were surprised that there there aren't any other production breweries there," says Wang, who lives in Lakewood with his wife, Betty. "The idea for us is the be a neighborhood brewery and to be more retail-friendly."

Caution-Lakewood, as Wang calls the new spot, will have twelve taps, which will give Wang the space to brew different styles of beer while pouring his flagships as well.

One of those flagships is Lao Wang Lager, which Wang had originally brewed for his parents' Federal Boulevard restaurant, Lao Wang Noodle House, using a secret blend of spices that they also use in their kitchen.

When the new brewery opens, however, it will come complete with a two-head canning machine -- bought from Boulder's Wild Goose Engineering -- so that Wang can sell the beer to independent Asian restaurants all over the Denver area.

"It is the most uniquely pairable beer with Asian food made anywhere in the world, in my opinion. It was specifically made for the Asian palate," Wang says. "I want to put it into all the places like Lao Wang, the independent sushi places, the dim sum restaurants and pho shops. It's really an untapped market."

Lao Wang Lager will be sold in four-packs of sixteen-ounce cans.

Wang, who made the announcement about the new brewery on the American Craft Beer Radio show on Saturday during Caution's anniversary party, hopes to open the second location in October, in time for the Great American Beer Festival.



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