Celebrate Colorado's birthday today with a cantaloupe cook-off on the 16th Street Mall

Last year's listeria breakout gave all Colorado cantaloupes a bad name, even though the contaminated ones came from Jensen Farms in Holly rather than Rocky Ford, which has a long and proud melon tradition.

So this year, the state and Rocky Ford growers are reminding Coloradans that our sweet, delicious melons deserve to flirt with our tastebuds, part of a $175,00 makeover for the fruit. In honor of Colorado Day, Rocky Ford has teamed up with Safeway to bring its produce back into the limelight in a Rocky Ford Cantaloupe™ Creations Cook-off today on the 16th Street Mall.

Chefs from top restaurants in Denver will compete to create the best dish using one of Colorado's best ingredients. Stop by the 16th Street Mall between Welton Street and Glenarm Place from 11:45 a.m. to 12:45 a.m. to witness the Rocky Ford Cantaloupe™ Creations Cook-off and excite your tongue with juicy melon.

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