Check, Please!

Q: A group of us from the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation will be coming through Denver in August en route to the jazz festival in Vail. We're looking for some 'real' places to eat (not yuppie stuff). Where should we go for barbecue, burgers, steak?

A:It's always a good idea to eat at a few real joints before you head to the land of fur-lined forks. Try M&D's BBQ and Fish Palace (2004 East 28th Avenue, 303-296-1760) for some killer 'cue and the town's best sweet potato pie. For burgers, check out My Brother's Bar (2376 15th Street, 303-455-9991), a quintessential Denver joint that serves up classical music and fat, juicy burgers. And while Emil-Lene's Sirloin House (16000 Smith Road, Aurora, 303-366-6674) may seem closer to Kansas than Vail, the steaks Colorado-grown prime beef kissed with a pat of butter and cooked over Kingsford charcoal are as choice as the casual, roadhouse atmosphere.

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Kyle Wagner
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