Chez Jose bids adios to Cherry Creek with a final fiesta

"It's been a good run, a fun run, but the landlord wanted us to pay twice what our rent has been," laments Dan Oholson, owner of Chez Jose, the Cherry Creek burrito joint at 3027 East Second Avenue that's been busting the seams of flour tortillas with meats, beans, rice, guacamole, vegetables and those awesome chipotle onions for the last seventeen years -- since long before Chipotle and Qdoba jumped on the bulging burrito bandwagon.

But for Chez Jose, the run is over. "It's a bummer," admits Oholson, "although in some ways I'm excited for new opportunities."

Opening a new place, for example, which Oholson is planning to do in the near future. "I want to do something similar to this, but with a twist," he says. "I'm still formulating ideas, but I'm definitely going to start looking for a new space, right after I max out my ski pass."

In the meantime, you can take part in Chez Jose's final fiesta beginning at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, December 29, which is when the joint will close for good. "We're going out with a blowout, a mariachi band, drinks and we'll keep serving until we run out of food," promises Oholson.

Hasta la vista, amigo.

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