Chipotle raises prices, but only in Denver so far

Chipotle eaters may not be too thrilled the next time they head to their nearest location: the Denver-based company has raised its prices by about 25 cents per item -- bringing chicken tacos and burritos up to $6.75 and after tax, $7.02.

It's the first time in three years that Chipotle has raised prices and so far, the increase has only been implemented in Denver.

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"Food costs are soaring," explains Chipotle spokesman Chris Arnold. Steak alone has jumped 25 percent since the beginning of the year, but chicken, cheese and avocados have been rising steadily as well.

The company "generally raises prices very much as a last resort," he adds.

Not only did the chicken, steak, carnitas, softritas and veggie prices go up, but chips and guacamole prices also rose. According to businessweek.com, the avocado shortage, caused by the drought in California, is to blame. The production of avocados could face a 30 percent drop.

Eventually, the chain will likely raise prices for all locations around the country.

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