Chloe had a big New Year's Eve...and an unofficial open house yesterday

While downtown yesterday afternoon, we thought we'd stop by Chloe for a happy-hour drink and start the new year out right. Opening the unlocked front door just before 5 p.m., we found what looked like the remnants of a very big New Year's Eve party -- but not a soul inside tending to the venue. Judging from the fallout we spotted in the space, we're guessing the staff might have had a little too much fun on New Year's Eve and forgot to lock the front door.

We thought of helping ourselves to a cocktail, but cooler heads prevailed, and instead we called the owner, Francois Safieddine, to let him know that the foxes could easily raid the henhouse. He assured us that someone would be on the job at the bar on Monday evening; let's hope they gave the place a good cleaning.

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Nancy Levine
Contact: Nancy Levine