Chicken is coming to the Hale neighborhood.EXPAND
Chicken is coming to the Hale neighborhood.
Mark Antonation

Chook Charcoal Chicken Plans Hale Neighborhood Outpost

Less than a year after Adam Schlegel, Alex Seidel and Randy Layman launched Chook, their Aussie charcoal chicken joint at South Pearl Street at 1300 South Pearl Street, they're ready to get the rotisseries going a few miles east. The group has signed a lease at 4340 East Eighth Avenue and hopes to open the second Chook later this year.

Schlegel says they're taking over neighboring spaces that were previously a nail salon and a hair stylist on the corner of Eighth Avenue and Birch Street in the Hale neighborhood. Schlegel, co-founder of Snooze, explains that he used to live in the area, and it was where he and his brother, Jon, turned when they built the first offshoot of their breakfast eatery. So the restaurateur knows the neighborhood and is certain that families will be receptive to Chook's reasonably priced meals.

Chook's first location opened on South Pearl Street in December 2018.EXPAND
Chook's first location opened on South Pearl Street in December 2018.
Mark Antonation

While the menu will be the same as at the original, focusing on whole chickens roasted over wood, the new Chook will be larger, so one amenity will be a bar with bar seating. A kid's nook will also be part of the space, just like at the first Chook.

When Schlegel and Seidel first announced Chook in 2018, it was clear that the concept was built for replication, so a second eatery was almost a foregone conclusion. But the group has moved quickly, according to Schlegel. "It's only been eight months since we opened. Surprising, right?" he says.

Schlegel adds that Chook has been exceptionally well received in the Platt Park neighborhood, but that he doesn't think it's the kind of restaurant people want to drive twenty or thirty minutes for, so finding the right location in neighborhoods ready for good food is a better way to build a customer base.

And the Hale neighborhood could soon become a prime restaurant zone, with the 9th & Colorado development coming soon, where several new eateries are slated to open. 

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